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Women for Economic Justice Program

Today, the rule of law often rules women out. FROWI is working to accelerate actions and policies to increase women's access to justice and foster a responsive justice system that advances women's equal rights, opportunity and participation. Justice is the foundation for gender equality and women's empowerment. FROWI is working to promote justice and peace for women in Uganda. The programme encourages people to break barriers and build bridges through advocacy and collective action in order to enhance social development for all. The objectives of the programme include;

  1. Advancing shared business ownership that broadens worker ownership and equity, and strengthens Women workers’ voices—with a focus on increasing racial, gender, and class representation
  2. Investing in child and domestic care work enterprise models that better reward, protect, and recognize the sector’s women-led workforce
  3. Organizing for Women power to strengthen cross-border Women unity, voice, and action
  4. Expanding public services spending that prioritizes equitable, high-quality services that are responsive to needs of Women
  5. Fight grand corruption to increase sanctions and enforcement against the theft of public resources meant for empowering Women
  6. Reshape taxation to fight inequality so that corporations and the wealthy contribute their fair share to society
  7. promote climate justice by challenging the outsized role and interference of corporate power in climate policy