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Women for Security and Safety Program

Addressing violence against women, supporting the work of Women and advocating for policy, legislative, attitudinal and behaviour change has been a core priority since FROWI’s inception. FROWI acknowledges that there are broader issues of gender-based violence that could be addressed, but has violence against women as its current priority focus, given its importance for women’s rights and empowerment and its significance as a development issue. Surveys show that most women continue to be exposed to physical or verbal aggression, sexual harassment and other forms of violence or unwelcome behavior, leading to personal stress and physical harm. FROWI is working to;

  1. Combat family and community violence
  2. Address practical and strategic needs of women experiencing violence
  3. Change community attitudes to violence
  4. Training women in safety and security
  5. Training women to be able to engage policy makers on issues of violence
  6. Reduce conflicts through the engagement of women in peace negotiations and peace building